Q: how many books did you write before WHAT You LEFT ME?

A: I wrote one full manuscript before writing my debut.

Q: Are You Working On ANything Else?

A: I have another YA contemporary coming out in 2019! It's called A Map Back To Us. 

q: What are Your Books ABout? 

A: Both What You Left Me and A Map Back To Us follow large friend groups made up of messy, loving, strong, curious teenagers. Both deal with the after-effects of tragedy and the way trauma shapes us. Both celebrate the power of friendship and the magic of being truly seen by another person. Both also happen to feature orange houses, broken noses, letters, people breaking into homes, and meaningful midnight wanderings down empty streets.

Q: I've read that you are also a gymnastics coach. Can you teach me how to flip?

A: Yes! 



*I am the youngest of five children. There is a sixteen-year age gap between my oldest sibling and me.

*Much to my parents' dismay, I became a vegetarian at age seven. I have been one ever since.

*When I was in the third grade I wrote a letter to then-President Bill Clinton about animal rights. My mom never mailed it.

*I am left handed.

*I have one tattoo. It's the day the Cubs won the World Series. It also happens to be the day of my parents' wedding anniversary.

*My baby blanket is my most prized possession and I will never get rid of it.