Morrissey strikes a graceful balance between poetic description and visceral detail, ultimately delivering a tragic, suspenseful, and inspiring novel.
— Publishers Weekly, Starred Review

If I Stay meets While You Were Sleeping in this beautiful and heartbreaking novel told in dual perspectives about friendship, family, and all the other threads that bind us together.

Martin and Petra meet for the first time at graduation, and though they’ve shared the halls of their high school for four years without crossing paths, there’s an instant connection the moment they’re seated next to each other at the commencement ceremony.

Then a car accident puts Martin into a coma, and Petra is somehow left picking up the pieces, using friends, family, and shared dreams to keep their surprise connection going.

Together they must unlock the truth of his situation, and with time running out, their bond becomes Martin’s best shot at waking back up to the life he's left behind.

CONTENT WARNING: As it isn't indicated in the premise, I would like potential readers to know that Petra's storyline in WHAT YOU LEFT ME deals with the aftermath of sexual assault, one year after the incident has taken place. There are a few on the page descriptions and allusions (p.43, p.115, p.195, p.202, p.203, p.216, p.217). Please be safe while reading. Thank you.