Readers will enjoy the romance, dark humor, and bicycle-squad nostalgia as they move through an eerie and dangerous scavenger hunt...A thrilling, adventure-filled story that captures the anguish of losing a friend.
— Kirkus Reviews

Seven friends, five years of silence, and the one mystery that will bring them back together again.

It’s been five years since Marley Bricket died by accidental gunshot. On the night of the annual memorial, Olivia Stanton, the only witness to Marley’s death, gets an unexpected visitor in the form of Nick Cline. He’s the boy who pulled the trigger on what he didn’t know was a loaded gun. Since then, nothing in the quiet desert town of Cadence, California has ever been the same.

Nick's surprise reappearance puts all the Kids of Albany Lane in one place for the first time since Marley died. The once-inseparable group of neighborhood friends, formerly led by Marley herself, has disbanded. But when Olivia discovers a scavenger hunt orchestrated by Marley before she died, the group must come together again to complete it, reopening old wounds and unearthing new questions about what really happened to Marley Bricket.

CONTENT WARNING: This story contains many conversations about traumatic death. There is discussion of suicide and an on the page depiction of accidental gun violence at the hands of children. If these topics hit too close to home, take care of yourself. Reach out to me if you want to discuss whether or not reading this book is the right fit for you. Your wellbeing matters more than my fiction. Always.